Shoes Shopping in Dubai

If you would like to buy designer shoes in Dubai, the best time is during the Dubai Shopping Festival, which held every year and goes for almost a month. There is a wide range of shoe brands available in Dubai, starting at the cheapest to the most luxury and expensive brands.

Where to buy shoes in Dubai?
There are so many places where you can do shoes shopping in Dubai. In this guide I will look at some of the places and try to discuss them one by one.

• The first place that I know is Hamarain Centre which is very popular because it organizes summer events. The centre is famous with both the tourists and the locals. There are many shoe brands can be bought in the mall with discounts and regular offers.

• There is the Ibn Battuta Mall which has been named after the famous Arab traveler and scholar. You can make your shoe shopping memorable by visiting this place. Starting with cheap shoes to the international designer brands, here yu will find all type and all stye of shoes.


• Dubai Mall is one of the most popular shopping malls in Dubai. You can easily find the kind of shoes that you love in this place. Dubai mall offers both international and local shoe designer brands. There are numerous restaurants and cafes where you can eat something after doing the shopping. Dubai Mall is the biggest shooping centre of the Middle-East, its highly recommended to visit!

• Warba Centre is another place where you can go for shoes shopping. Opposite the centre is the famous Marriott Hotel. You will find all stye of shoes inside the centre and you can do your shopping until you drop, as there are numerous shoes shops there.

• If you want to go to a place where products are moderately priced, then Town Centre is your destination. Here you will find beauty products, household items, cosmetics and jewelry all in one roof. You will also find many shoe shops that you can afford. The facility is also a great entertainment zone for children.

• You can visit the Villa Boda for the latest shoes fashion. This place is very expensive, but offering some of the most popular designer shoes brands. The facility also has café, restaurants, and art gallery area. If you are tight on budget then this place is not the best for you.

Almost all the big Dubai malls featuring shoes shops to buy the following type of shoes; high heels, flat shoes, sneakers, casual etc. These shoe retails include Shoe Mart, Sketchers, Opera Shoes, Crocs, Dune, Ecco, JM Weston, Hush Puppies, Feetlab, Geox, Bata, Alberto Guardiani, Aldo etc.

It is also possible to shop for shoes online in Dubai. Online shopping has become popular in Dubai because it is very easy, comfortable and fast. There are good online stores such as Dukanee where you can easily buy shoes for kids, women and men. It is among the most reputable online stores and are known for exclusive collection of shoes. At this online store you will be able to get MBT shoes, Booksplus shoes, Birkenstock and other types of brands.

If you are looking for the best Dubai shoes there is no need to worry because you can easily get it if you are in Dubai. The online stores have even made it very easy to find your type of shoes. That's why it has risen in popularity. During your free time, visit the internet and buy the desired shoes.

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