Samsung Mobiles Shopping in Dubai

Samsung is the multinational company of South Korea that was founded in 1938. In the start the company started off as a grocery store that also produced its own noodles. Later, after the Korean War the founders of the company started their sugar refinery and woolen mill. After succeeding in these industries the company diversified its business into many fields like securities, insurances and retailing. It was the introduction of the Samsung electronics in 1969 that laid to the foundation of Samsung mobile phones. The first Samsung mobile phone was launched in 1988, but at that time the concept of mobile phones was not common. Therefore, the first launch of Samsung mobile phone didn’t got the much needed attention.

The second model of Samsung mobile phone SH-700 was launched in 1993, after years of research and development. This model became an instant hit in the market because of its light weight and Compaq design. The company launched it for general public in 1994 under the name of Anycall. These were the first range of Samsung mobile phone that created the brand trust among the customers. The benchmark in the success of the company’s mobile phone was the launch of CDMA phones in 1996. These CDMA phones were not only manufactured on digital technology, but were also extra light and allowed cleared communication. After, succeeding in the local market, Samsung Company decided to move into the global market by exporting its PCS phones. Today, Samsung mobile phone capture almost 50% of the world market and are largely sold in Middle East cities like Dubai.

The most famous models of Samsung are highly in demand in Dubai’s market are Galaxy Premier, Galaxy Music, Galaxy Rugby, Google Nexus, Galaxy Victory, Champ Neo, Star Deluxe, Galaxy Pocket, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S3.

The Galaxy range of Samsung is largely preferred by the market of Dubai because they are the finest and smartest phones in the market. The Galaxy phones not just offer customization feature to its users, but are also best in the category of Android phones. This range of phones is designed on human technology that makes them more users friendly.

Dubai has become the largest business hub in the Middle East since the introduction of free trade policies. Today, every large and famous international brand has its presence in different malls of the city. Samsung mobile phone can be bought easily from different authorized dealers in Dubai. Some of the famous dealers of these mobiles in the city are Mobile Telecom Group, Emitac Mobile solutions, Qalonia Mobile Ohone at Naif street, Mobile Soog at Jumaira Tower Dubai, Camry International Dubai. These retailers offer all mobile phoes of Samsung. It is safe to buy Samsung phones from these retailers because they offer genuine products at reasonable prices.

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