Gold Jewellery Shopping in Dubai

Tourism is an industry that is flourishing at an exciting rate over the years. Even though every field has been affected by recession one way or the other it seems as if more and more people have money to visit exotic places judging by the growth of the tourism industry. Lots of agencies has sprung up over the past few years promising the tourist a safe and comfortable journey offered to them at reduced rates. The most difficult decision one has to make before going on a trip is to decide his dream destination. The destination depends upon an individual taste really, however, there can be many factors leading up to the decision. For women however the top choice among the destinations is Dubai. According to a survey, tourism industry in Dubai has seen a phenomenal growth of 28.7% over the last 7 years. More surprising is the fact that almost 63.6% of all the tourist population is female.

Dubai is now attracting a huge number of female visitors mainly due to the promoted shopping deals. They have opened up mega malls and created shopping centers in order to attract men and women. Dubai offers  shops related to almost every brand around the world thus providing an interesting shopping atmosphere for visitors. For people who have a passion for shopping or are addicted to it find themselves in heaven.

With the tourism industry making progress women find themselves closer to the gold jewellery than ever before. Most of the women from Europe and America go to Dubai with the sole purpose of gold jewellery shopping. Due to the abundance in gold deposits the rates for purchase are also cheaper as compared to the global market. There are mainly two varieties of gold here, yellow and white gold, there are also other gold colors like rose gold, black gold, etc. White gold is quickly becoming popular among the women due to its unique texture and its durability.

For women it is not the Dubai gold itself that’s attractive, it’s the design that the jewellery sets come up with that steals the eye and make them attracted. Gold jewellery is available in a variety of designs that range from heavy gold to light gold plated designs. The design that one is attracted to depends mainly upon the personal taste and the occasion however there are variations that are found with the ethnicity. Middle Eastern women mainly prefer pure gold, heavy designs where as women visiting from Europe prefer light designs which a diamond embedded in there.

Pure gold designs are such which consists of nothing but melted and molded gold. The designs often do not have a sharp definition but is abundant in gold and thus lie on the high spectrum of the price range. The beauty of this set comes from the richness of gold and the lustrous shine of the pure metal.

Diamond studded designs are made up of light layer of gold and diamonds are studded between them. They portray elegance and are used as engagement rings and rings designed for special occasions.

Ruby and emerald studded rings are also available in Dubai. Instead of diamond they have ruby or emeralds studded in them. They are quite expensive but often there are discounts and promotions to buy on cheaper prices.
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