Electronics Shopping in Dubai

If you want the finest electronics and house appliances it is time for electronics shopping. Dubai is known for displaying great products and items at affordable prices. You should visit this great city during the annual Dubai Shopping Festival. During this occasion which takes a month, great products are placed on display. In Dubai you will find some great products such as computers, home cinema systems, LED TVs, phones, gaming devices etc. People from all over the world go for electronics shopping to Dubai in order to get for themselves great devices.

It is normally a preferred place for testing the latest electronic equipments introduced in the market. Dubai is known for its well developed sourcing network great facilities, great retailers and a chain of wholesalers. That is why Dubai is regarded as a strong foothold in the Arabic world. Its location places the city at a great position as a destination for tourists and other people who come to this country not only to do electronics shopping in Dubai but also to buy some of the best items that are on offer in this great city.

Living and visiting Dubai is a great experience. This is a city that is blessed with some of the best items that you long for. In this city you will find world class shopping centers offering great products of all types. This is a city that hosts the annual shopping festival and the shopping centers normally offer amazing discounts and entertainment to visitors. If you don’t have the ability to visit Dubai, you can take advantage of the online shopping.

The advantage of this kind of shopping is that you can easily choose the items that you have always wanted and second there is no wastage of time, efforts and money. Why many people go to Dubai for shopping is because the cost of electronic devices in that city is cheaper compared to the other places of the world. Dubai is located at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe. It is estimated that Dubai distributes about 2 billion electronic devices across the world. Some of the places where you can go for shopping for electronic devices in Dubai include;

• Burjuman Centre is situated at Khalid Bin Waleed street in Bur Dubai and it covers an area of 74,322 sq meters. It hosts 190 retailers and they have European and American brand of items. Apart from offering electronic appliances you will find customer care service, restaurants, food court, cafes etc at the mall.

• The other place where you can go for electronics shopping is the Emirates Towers Boulevard which covers an area of 13,050 square meters and it is known for housing 45 retail outlets. This mall is known for the latest electronics and accessories.

• There is also the Century Mall which is situated in Al Mamzarwhich is near Al Shabab Club. The mall covers 13,935 square meters and it is among the shopping malls that tops the list of offering the best telecommunication devices and electronics appliances. The mall has a capacity of 240 for seating and there are adjoining food outlets. If you have children you don’t have to worry about them as you go shopping. There are places set aside for them as you do your shopping. The child care center is known as Jungle Bungle.

• The other places where you can do the shopping for your electronic devices include Mall of the Emirates, Festival City Centre, Ibn Battua Mall, Lamcy Plaza and many other places. Dubai is a great place to be and you cannot miss a place where you can get the best electronics.

Among the reasons why you should consider going for electronics shopping to Dubai is because Dubai does not require one to pay taxes for the items sold. It is a tax free zone which makes electronics being sold in this city cheaper. Secondly electronics that are being sold in Dubai are reliable and if you find any defect on the items you have bought replacing them is very easy.
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